Magneto-thermal cosimulation: Studied applications

Possibles applications

The magneto-thermal applications which can be studied in this section are as follows :

  • In electromagnetic :
    • Steady state AC magnetic
    • Transient magnetic
  • In thermal :
    • Steady state thermal
    • Transient thermal (not available in STAR-CCM+ cosimulation for the moment)

Steady state magnetic

Steady state magnetic regime can be studied in Flux in two electromagnetic applications:

  • Steady state AC Magnetic : the RMS losses values are then exported. It is the case in Flux 2D, 3D and PEEC.
  • Transient magnetic defined in steady state regime (by a static initialization for example): this case available in 2D and 3D is useful for the modelling of systems comprising magnets (Synchronous machine with magnets). The average values of the instantaneous values over an electric period are computed and exported to the thermal.

Transient magnetic

The transient magnetic application exchanges the instantaneous value of the electromagnetic losses with the thermal at the same time step.

Given the fact that the time constants of the electromagnetic and thermal phenomena do not generally have the same order of size, the «Transient magnetic» option must be used with caution with a view to avoid too important calculation durations.

Steady state/transient thermal

The available applications in thermal are:

  • Steady state thermal : Adapted if the temperature field is not time dependent
  • Transient thermal : Adapted if the temperature field is time dependent, (not available in STAR-CCM+ cosimulation for the moment)


This section contains the following topics: