Generic data collection

The generic data collections can be defined by:
  • A data support defining the collection area (all supports are compatible)
  • A spatial formula expressing the values to be computed and stored
  • The type of data to be collected:
    • Nodal values, obtained via a computation on the nodes.
    • Integral values at nodes, obtained by integration on an elementary surface / volume around each node. The values are situated on the nodes.
    • Average values in elements, obtained by average computation of computed values at Gauss points of each element. The values are situated on the element barycenters.
    • Integral values at elements, obtained by integration in each element. These values are also situated on the element barycenters.
  • The list of steps for which the values need to be collected (complete scenario, specific interval or single step)
    Note: If the collection is defined before the project solving, the user has to specify the scenario for which he wants to collect data. The data will be collected during the solving with the defined scenario.