Changing the Sampling Settings

Specify the number of samples for continuous results displayed on graphs.

The default rendering for continuous data on a graph is determined automatically. The sampling can be adjusted to display either the actual frequency samples or adjusted to display a set number of frequency points.
  1. Select the graph for which you want to modify the sampling.
  2. On the Trace tab, in the Units group, click the  Sampling settings icon.

    Figure 1. The Continuous sampling settings dialog.
  3. From the Sampling method drop-down list, select one of the following:
    • To display the default rendering where the sampling is determined based on the data, select Auto.
    • To display only the actual samples, select Discrete.
    • To resample the data and display a fixed number of discrete points, select Specify number of samples.
    Tip: To export continuous data, use Specify number of samples or Discrete samples to limit the number of samples (file size).
  4. Click OK to set the sampling settings and to close the dialog.