Introduction to POSTFEKO

Use POSTFEKO to validate meshed geometry and analyse and post-process results.

POSTFEKO is the component that allows you to verify that your model is constructed and configured correctly before starting a simulation and analyse the results after the simulation completes. The POSTFEKO component is particularly useful to verify models created using EDITFEKO, but it is just as relevant for CADFEKO model verification.

Result post-processing and analysis is the primary function of POSTFEKO. Once a model has been simulated, POSTFEKO can be used to display and review the results. It is easy to load multiple models in a single session and compare them on 3D views, Cartesian graphs, Smith charts, polar graphs and surface graphs. Various measurement and other data formats are supported for comparison to the simulated results. A powerful scripting interface makes it easy to post-process results, automate repetitive tasks and create plug-in extensions that customise the interface and experience.