Default Shortcut Keys

View the shortcut keys available for POSTFEKO for faster and easier operation of POSTFEKO.

Keyboard shortcut keys help you to save time accessing actions that you perform regularly. The shortcut key or key combination is also displayed in the keytip that is displayed when you hover the mouse over the action on the ribbon.
Shortcut Key Description
Alt+0 Run CADFEKO.
Alt+2 Run PREFEKO.
Alt+4 Run Solver.
Alt+6 Run OPTFEKO.
Alt+8 Open the Feko terminal.
General Editing
F1 Context-sensitive help for the dialog / window that has focus.
Ctrl+C Copy image to clipboard.
Ctrl+X Copy data to clipboard.
Ctrl+F Locate geometry (3D view).
Ctrl+F Find and replace text (script editor).
Ctrl+E Export image.
Ctrl+P Print current window.
Ctrl+Shift+O Open POSTFEKO project file.
Ctrl+N Create a new session.
Ctrl+O Add a model.
Ctrl+S Save POSTFEKO session file.
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo.
Alt+B Show / hide the project browser.
Alt+B Show / hide the visibility the project browser.
Ctrl+K Duplicate trace / component.
F2 Rename trace / result.
Ctrl+F2 Change the labels, title and footer of a graph
Ctrl+Shift+left click Add annotation in 3D view or to a Cartesian graph or polar graph.
Shift+F2 Edit trace text.
Ctrl++ Raise trace.
Ctrl+- Lower trace.
Del Delete selected items.
F5 Zoom to extents.
0 Restore view.
8 Top view.
2 Bottom view.
5 Front view.
Ctrl+5 Back view.
4 Left view.
6 Right view.
3D View Interaction
F5 Zoom to extents.
Shift + hold while scrolling mouse wheel Slow zoom (3D view).
Scroll mouse wheel Zoom (3D view).
Click + drag with middle mouse button Panning (3D view, schematic view).
Ctrl + click / drag Panning (3D view).
Left click + drag mouse Rotation (3D view).
Script Editor
Ctrl+N Create a new empty script.
Ctrl+O Open script.
Ctrl++ Zoom in.
Ctrl+- Zoom out.
Ctrl+G Goto line.