Console Mode Start Options

Option Argument Description Platform Support
-f <filename>.oml

Runs the specified file(s). If multiple files are provided, they are executed in the order provided on the command line.

Requires absolute file paths as the argument (separated by ',').

All supported platforms.
-e None

Runs the OML command specified after the –e option.

If multiple commands, they are separated by a comma and executed in the order provided on the command line.

-e disp('a')

-e "a=3 , rand(3)"

All supported platforms.
-continue None Use the –continue command line argument to keep the console application opened after running any –e commands and –f files. If –continue is not provided, the console program exits after running all the commands and files.  
-help None List the options when invoking Compose in batch mode. All supported platforms.
-input <space separated inputs> Passes input(s) to scripts. These options can be accessed in Compose by the OML commands getcmdinput and getnumofcmdinputs. To pass cell arrays or matrices on Linux, the open/close braces and semi-colons need to be quoted.

Linux example:

-input ‘{‘ 1,2,3 ‘} ‘[‘ 4 ‘;’ 5 ‘]’ stringA

Windows example:

-input {1,2,3} [4;5] stringA

All supported platforms.
-version None Returns the version of Compose All supported platforms.
-withgui   Enables plotting and GUI commands All supported platforms