Run Compose Light

Use the Compose Light mode when you want to work within a customized GUI without the display of the entire Compose interface.

Compose Light is a mode for running the software with a clean display of your customized GUI without the visual distraction of features that are not pertinent to your session.

This feature leverages an OML distributable file (.omd) that is generated with the createdistributable function and is automatically recognized by the operating system as a Compose Light file:
The .omd file relies on a standard Compose installation and requires a valid Compose license.

The same functions that are supported in batch mode are also supported in Compose Light.

  1. To run Compose Light, enter the createdistributable command.
  2. Double-click the .omd file that is generated.
    Compose Light displays only the end application that was generated by the script, for example: