Define Your Smart Connected Ecosystem in AnythingDB

This guide will show you how to model your smart connected ecosytem in Altair IoT Studio.

In this tutorial, you will develop a Smart City project. A new Space will be created to host all the information from the different Assets that belong to the Smart City.


Altair IoT Studio AnythingDB is a flexible, secure database that enables you to create digital representations of the Assets that define your smart connected ecosystem.

AnythingDB contains the following features:

  1. Things: enables you to define the entities in the smart connected ecosystem
  2. Models: templates to ease the process of defining new Things
  3. Categories: group your Assets (Things) in a logical way and define relations between them
  4. Custom Queries: perform custom queries in your database
Inside AnythingDB, you will define the different entities for the Smart City project:
Entity Description
Traffic Management system
  • 10 Traffic Lights
  • 10 Traffic Sensors

Note that for each Traffic Light there is a Traffic Sensor

Parking Monitoring 50 sensors
Air Quality sensor One sensor, for testing purposes.
Figure 1.

Steps in This Tutorial