Model the Smart City Ecosystem


Things represent the entities in the smart connected ecosystem and store information about them. They are the virtual digital representations of the asset (IoT sensor, machine, device...).

Based on the Web of Things (WoT), Things can be defined through JSON formatting based on properties, actions, and events.
Describe the Thing's attributes (e.g., sensor values, configuration parameters, status, results of an analysis)
Determine how you can interact with your Thing (e.g., change a property, turn on/off)
Monitor the changes that can modify a Thing’s property (e.g., fire alarm, door open, data streams)
Figure 1.

Following the Smart City example, our Things will be the different sensors and traffic assets, and they will have the following attributes:

Thing Property Action Event
Traffic Light State, Geo Location Turn On/Off Burn out
Traffic Sound Sensor State, Geo Location Turn On/Off N/A
Parking Sensors Presence N/A N/A
Air Quality Sensor Air quality index, temperature, humidity N/A High Value
Figure 2.