Access Control

Access Control is how you manage which users and external applications can create, read, update or delete information in Altair IoT Studio.

Altair IoT Studio Access Control is the management mechanism to set authorization rules for every part of your smart connected ecosystem.

For better security, proof of authentication and authorization is needed throughout the Altair IoT Studio platform by using access token as the proof for the request. The token lifecycle in the Altair IoT Studio platform is based on OAuth2.

Access Control system allows you to create from general to fine-grained permissions by setting authorization rules for every piece of your ecosystem. With them you can set boundaries on what a user or client can do within a specific Space.

For example, as a Space administrator, you might want some user to be able to see all Things within a Category, but not modify them. Perhaps you want to make a Category completely private for a few users, or maybe you want to create an App whose only permission is to invoke a specific Function. All these (and other) permissions can be set using the Access Control system.

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