All Users that have access to this environment -- either through the Altair IoT Studio interface or through an end user application -- are listed in the Users panel under Access Control.

Invite a New User

  1. From the Users panels, click Invite User.

  2. Enter the user email address and assign a Role to the user. Click Send Invitation.
    The status of the invitation appears in the Invitations section, and a message appears noting that the invitation was sent. Once the User accepts or declines the invitation, the invitation status will be updated.

    Invitations can be resent from this section in case a user missed it.

Edit Users' Roles

You can edit multiple users' roles at once from this interface.

  1. Select the user names to edit, click on Edit Roles and choose the action to perform from the drop-down (add roles or remove roles).
  2. Choose the role(s) to be added or removed and click Save.
    Figure 1.