Define the Categories

Categories permit you to group the entities (Things) of the smart connected ecosystem in a logical way and secure them from an access control perspective.

In your Smart City, you can group the devices for the Traffic Management and the Parking Monitoring in two separate Categories.

  1. Click AnythingDB > Categories, then click New Category.

  2. Name the first Category TrafficManagement.
    The Traffic Management Category will store Things that follow the Traffic Lights and Traffic Sound Sensor Models.
    Figure 1.

    1. In the panel, click View things.
    2. Click New Thing.
    3. Select the TrafficLight Model created earlier.
      Figure 2.

      Tip: To add multiple Things using the same Model and Version, from the Thing details pane, click the Clone icon. Specify the number of clones and click Clone.
    4. Add another Thing to this Category, this time selecting the TrafficSoundSensor Model.
      Figure 3.

  3. Create another Category called ParkingMonitoring.
    This Category will store Things that follow the Parking Monitoring Sensor model.
    1. In the ParkingMonitoring panel, click Update Model.
    2. In the Model drop down menu, select ParkingSensor.
    3. For Version, select v1.
      Figure 4.

    4. Click Save.
    5. Click View Things and choose to add a new Thing.
      See how the fields are automatically populated with the information from the Model assigned to the Category.