Paint Tool

The paint tool allows you to select result pixels of a geometrical object using a mouse.

Click Edit > Edit Data to specify the paint settings. Click to enable the actual drawing operation or click to select the different drawing operations..

Figure 1. The Paint Settings dialog.

Under Value, specify the value to be set during the drawing operation. Result values can either be set to an arbitrary defined value or to not computed. A value which is set to Value not computed is drawn white in the graphical display.

Under Mode, you can change the drawing mode. The specified value can be set directly to the selected pixels, added or multiplied to the actual values of the selected pixels. It is also possible to copy and past the values of selected pixels to other pixels. The Copy and Move Pixels mode copies the values of selected pixels and pastes them to a user-defined location within the result area. Using the Cut and Move Pixels mode instead, cut the values at the original position. The result values at the original location will be set to Value not computed after the paste operation in this case.

Clear the Change undefined values check box to exclude pixels which are set to Value not computed from the drawing operations.