Definition of Carriers

Carrier settings can be specified by clicking Project > Edit Project Parameter... and clicking on the Air Interface tab. ProMan offers the possibility to use multiple carriers in different frequency bands within a network project. At least one carrier has to be defined to simulate a wireless radio network. However, it is not possible to assign multiple carriers to a single cell.

For defining one or multiple carriers, you have to specify the channel bandwidth, the carrier separation (only relevant if multiple carriers are defined) and the corresponding center frequencies. The bandwidth of the channel is used for calculation of thermal noise. Frequency separation of two adjacent carriers is used to determine adjacent or co-channel interference. Depending on the chosen duplex separation mode (separation of downlink and uplink) one or two frequencies have to be defined for a carrier.

The following figure shows the carrier definition for a radio network with frequency separated uplink and downlink channels.

Figure 1. Carrier definition - frequency separated uplink and downlink.

The following figure shows the carrier definition for a radio network with time separated uplink and downlink channels.

Figure 2. Carrier definition - time separate uplink and downlink.

Click Add to specify the number of carriers to be created and the center frequency of the first downlink carrier. The chosen amount of carriers are created automatically using the specified channel bandwidth and carrier separation.

For duplex separation mode FDD, the defined uplink and downlink separation is taken into account to determine the center frequencies used for the uplink.

For duplex separation mode TDD, only downlink carriers have to be defined as up- and downlink are separated in time. Carriers which are set available can be selected in the Carrier Assignment dialog, whereas inactive carriers are not displayed.

Definitions can be edited and deleted after selecting a carrier from the list.

The following color scheme is used for carriers:
  • Green
    Available / active carriers
  • Red
    Unavailable / not active carriers
Figure 3. The Carrier dialog.