Drawing the Interior Walls

Define the interior walls of the building.

  1. Verify that the X/Y window is active, or activate it by clicking in it.
    The X/Y symbol in the top-left of the window is red when the window is active.
  2. Create the interior walls in the X/Y window using one of the following workflows:
    • On the Objects menu, click Enter Basic Objects > Enter Orthogonal Object.
    • On the Objects toolbar, click the Add Objects Orthogonal icon.
    • Press F9 to use the keyboard shortcut.
    Note: This tool creates a rectangle that is right-angled to the current projection plane. The rectangle is a line in the 2D view.
  3. Click twice in the X/Y window to specify the start point of the interior wall.
  4. Click again to specify the end point of the interior wall.

    Figure 1. View of the model in the XY plane (top view) showing the outer and interior walls.
Note: The interior walls are created and consist of brick with a height of 3m.