Single Height

Compute path and transmission losses on a single prediction plane.

Model Type

The propagation project is for an indoor scenario for a large multi-floor building. The simulation is done for a single prediction plane.

Sites and Antennas

There are six transmitter sites at different locations in the office building for better propagation. All the transmitter sites are placed at different locations but the same height of 0.9 m. The omnidirectional transmitters are using the same carrier frequency of 1.8 GHz and transmit equal power.

Tip: Click Project > Edit Project Parameter and click the Sites tab to view the transmitter and antennas.

Computational Method

The computational method used is the multi-wall model (COST 231). The multi-wall model considers the basic path losses plus transmission losses for the walls and floors given a straight path between the transmitter and receiver.

Tip: Click Project > Edit Project Parameter and click the Computation tab to change the model.


Propagation results show, at every location, the power received from each transmitting antenna individually. The results are provided for a single prediction plane at a height of 0.9 m.

Figure 1. Propagation results for Antenna 12.