Optimization Types

Several different types of optimization are available in Inspire, including topology, topography, and gauge optimization.

Use the Type setting on the Run Optimization window to select an optimization type.

The Run Optimization window can be accessed by clicking Run Optimization on the Optimize icon.

Tip: To find and open a tool, press Ctrl+F. For more information, see Find and Search for Tools.
  • Topology: The topology optimization process generates an optimized material distribution by removing unneeded material from the design spaces, creating the lightest structure capable of withstanding the forces you apply to your model.
  • Topography: The topography optimization process generates beads on the design space to stiffen the structure or maximize the frequency of the model. For surface geometry only.
  • Gauge: The gauge optimization process optimizes the thickness of the design space. For surface geometry only.
  • Topography and Gauge: Select this option to run both gauge and topography optimization.
Note: The optimization objectives and constraints that appear in Run Optimization window vary based on what optimization type is selected.