PolyNURBS Shape Optimization

PolyNURBS shape optimization is used to optimize your PolyNURBS design.

Shape variables are required to run PolyNURBS shape optimization, and can be defined using the Shape Variables tool on the PolyNURBS ribbon. Shape variables define the movement of cage points, and shape optimization modifies these locations to update the shape.

Use the Run Optimization tool to set up and run a PolyNURBS shape optimization.

Tip: To find and open a tool, press Ctrl+F. For more information, see Find and Search for Tools.
  • PolyNURBS optimization only works on PolyNURBS parts.
  • When running a PolyNURBS optimization, the objective is to minimize mass subject to stress, frequency, or displacement.
  • The results of a PolyNURBS optimization are shown as analysis results rather than optimization results. PolyNURBS results appear as alternatives in the Model Browser.
Figure 1. Design Space
Figure 2. Optimized Shape

Element Size

The element size dictates the quality of your results. In general, the smaller the element size, the more accurate the result, but the slower it will run.

Click the icon to revert to the default value.

Shape Variables

When you run a PolyNURBS shape optimization, you can select which shape variables to include in the Run Optimization window.

PolyNURBS Shape Optimization Results

Instead of the Shape Explorer, the Analysis Explorer is displayed at the end of a successful PolyNURBS shape optimization.