View Flexible Parts as a Table

Flex bodies can now be created, viewed and edited through a table. You can access this table on the main ribbon.
On the main ribbon, select the List Table satellite icon in the FlexBody tool group to open the table.
Tip: To find and open a tool, press Ctrl+F. For more information, see Find and Search for Tools.
The flex body table appears. It contains an organized layout of the parameters associated with flex bodies:
Note: For options to appear in the Flex Part columns, the corresponding part must be a flexible body.To make a part a flexible, enable the switch in the Flexible Body column in the Flex Parts table. You can also right-click the part in the modeling window, then enable Flexible for Motion.

The parameter functions are listed in the table below:

Flex Parts Parameter Category Name Function Notes
Name Shows the name of the part in the model. Hovering over the part name in the table highlights the corresponding part in the model.
Flexible Body Contains the switch to make a part in the model Flexible for motion. You can also right-click the part in the modeling window, then enable Flexible for Motion.
Stress Calculation Shows the stress results of the flexible body motion analysis.
Strain Calculation Shows the strain results of the flexible body motion analysis
Ignore Flexibility Enable this option to consider the flexible body as rigid, but use the mass and inertia properties generated from the flexible body data.
Frequency Type Depending on which Frequency Type you select, the calculated modes of the flexible body will be based on a Maximum Frequency cutoff value, or a specific number of Normal Modes.
Normal Modes Enter a value for the Number of Modes (not including rigid body modes) to include in the flex body definition.
Element Order Choose the element representation level: Faster (1st order) or More accurate (2nd order).
Maximum Frequency Shows the maximum flexible body mode frequency to use in the flexible body definition.
To Do this
Multi-select table parameters Use Ctrl+Select or Shift+Select while in the Flex Parts table context.