Error Importing .csv File


This error occurs when there is a problem importing data from a .csv file into the Property Editor, and has several versions:

  • The .csv file contains data in one type of units, but the motor/actuator is expecting a different type of units.
  • The .csv file contains incomplete data.
  • The .csv file must contain at least four rows of data, not including the header.
  • The values in the X column must be defined in ascending order.


  • For mismatched units, try changing the units in the header of your .csv file.
  • If the file contains incomplete data, check the file for missing entries, extra commas, or other errors.
  • If the file has insufficient data, add additional data points so there are at least four complete rows.
  • Make sure the data is sorted so that the values in column X of the .csv file are in ascending order.