Massless Part(s) Detected


The parts listed in the error message have zero mass. If you click the Continue button, they will remain stationary and unconnected.

This error message has two versions:
  • Massless Part Detected
  • Massless Part(s) Detected in Rigid Group


  • Click the Fix button to configure off the massless parts, or massless parts inside the rigid group.
  • Add mass to the part(s) in the Property Editor, or at least one of the parts inside the rigid group.
  • Use the Ground tool to ground the massless parts, or at least one part inside the rigid group.
  • Push/Pull 2D geometry into a solid, or specify a non-zero Thickness in the Property Editor.
  • Delete the massless parts.
  • Put the massless part into a rigid group with other parts that have mass.