Add text to the report.

  1. Right-click at the Report or Chapter level and select Add > Items > Text.


    From the Report Ribbon, Add Item tool group, click Text.
    Figure 1.
  2. Name and Text (input text) are the associated properties.
    Note: Name is a name property and does not add a caption or other information in an exported report.
    Figure 2.

  3. You can change the name property for a text item, and the same is updated in the tree.
  4. Click Text in the property area. This activates the text input option.
  5. Click (text input button) to open the Text Entity window.

    Input the required text content in the Text Entity window and click OK.

    The inserted text is exported in the report as text paragraph.

    Figure 3.

  6. To view the text entered in the entity, click Preview, , against the text entity.

    The Text Entity window displays. This is a view-only window and no editing is allowed.

    Figure 4.

  7. Click Cancel to close the text preview window.