Create Beads

Beads are typically used to stiffen panel mesh to meet a certain performance criteria. The Bead tool can also be used as a topography interpretation mechanism.

  1. From the Concept ribbon, click the Bead tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. Optional: Select 2D elements on which the beam is to be created.
  3. Create beads in one of two ways:
    • Select existing lines.
    • Interactively draw a bead line path. Select two points to create the initial bead, then incrementally add points.
    A preview is displayed showing the location, orientation, and basic dimensional composition of the bead(s).
  4. Update any of the bead's properties using the microdialog.
    Reverse the side the bead is created on.
    Move the bead in 3D space. Once relocated, the bead snaps to the underlying 2D mesh.
    Dimensions of the bead.
    Cap end
    Change the cap end from rounded to squared.
    Cap length/Cap end width
    Dimensions of the bead cap.
  5. Click Add Bead.
  6. If desired, repeat the process multiple times to continue adding beads.
  7. Click Create Beads on the guide bar.
Figure 2.

Figure 3.