Optimization Controls

Optimization control entities define and store controls for optimization problem run.

Optimization controls do not have a display state in the modeling window.

Nastran Cards

Card Description
DOPTPRM Overrides default values of parameters used in design optimization.

OptiStruct Cards

Card Description
DOPTPRM Defines design optimization parameters by overriding the defaults.
Note: Bulk Data Entry

If an unsupported argument is encountered on importing a DOPTPRM card, the data is stored as UNSUPPORTED_DOPTPRM on the DOPTPRM card.

It is also possible to create an unsupported DOPTPRM card using the UNSUPPORTED_DOPTPRM option on the opticontrol card image.

DOPTPRM, NESLNLGM Specifies the number of time steps retained for optimization from each NLGEOM subcase.
Note: Bulk Data Entry

Radioss Cards

Card Description
BULK Used to insert bulk format data.
BULKFMT Used to define different OptiStruct formats (FREE, LARGEFREE, FIXED, or LARGEFIXED) during the Radioss-to-OptiStruct conversion.
BULKMAT Used to insert bulk format material card.
BULKPROP Used to insert bulk format property card.
ESLPART This keyword defines parts in the model, which will be included in ESLM optimization.