Optimization Constraints

Optimization constraint entities define and store constraints on model responses for optimization problems.

Optimization constraints do not have a display state in the modeling window.

Nastran Cards

Card Description
DCONADD Defines the design constraints for a subcase as a union of DCONSTR entries.
Note: Collects constraints
DCONSTR Defines design constraints.
Note: Constraint to define lower and upper bounds.
DESGLB Selects the design constraints to be applied at the global level in a design optimization task.
Note: Global constraint; belongs in the subcase section.
DESSUB Selects the design constraints to be used in a design optimization task for the current subcase.
Note: Constraint dependent on the load step; Belongs in the subcase section.

OptiStruct Cards

Card Description
DCONADD Creates a combination of several DCONSTR sets that can be referenced by a subcase.
Note: Bulk Data Entry
DCONSTR Defines design constraint upper and lower bounds where response is defined by DRESP1, DRESP2, and DRESP3 cards.
Note: Bulk Data Entry
DESGLB Used before the first subcase statement, to select a constraint set that is not subcase dependent.
Note: I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry
DESSUB Used within a subcase definition, to select a constraint set that is subcase dependent.
Note: Subcase Information Entry

Radioss Cards

Card Description
DCOMP Defines manufacturing constraints for composite sizing optimization.
DCONSTR Defines constrains a design response by specifying its lower and upper bounds.