Set the Vector Source to File

  1. From the polar, vector, or radar chart Define Curves dialog, select the Phase, Magnitude, or Frequency radio button.
  2. Under Source, select File.
  3. Click the file browser to select a file with complex and frequency results.
    The reader designates complex results marked with a PHA (Phase), MAG (Magnitude), REL, or IMG.

    HyperGraph disables the Format: toggle when you select Radar Plot.

    By default, HyperGraph sets the plot Type field to Vector Plot. You can change the plot Type: to Pha/Mag Plot or Radar Plot. The components also have complex labels. HyperGraph disables the Frequency field.

    HyperGraph populates the default Type, Request, and Component fields.

  4. Define the data Type, Request, Component, and Subcase fields.
  5. Define the Format field on the right to specify whether the data is real/imaginary or phase/magnitude.
    HyperGraph changes the Phase = and Magnitude = field labels to Real = and Imaginary = when the Format entry is defined or changed.

    HyperGraph does not change the axis labels in the Plot window to Real/Imaginary like it does for complex plots

  6. Click Apply or press Enter.
    HyperGraph plots the curves.