Link/Unlink Design Variables

Design variables can be linked to one another to ensure that their values remain connected throughout the exploration. This is useful in cases of symmetry or when it is known, for example, that two parts will have the same thickness. In addition, reducing the number of independent variables will reduce the number of runs required for the exploration.

Automatically Link Mirrored Parts

  1. Click the satellite icon on any of the Inputs tools .
    The Inputs dialog opens.
  2. Click the Details tab.
  3. Click .
  4. In the microdialog, click Plane.
  5. In the modeling window, select a plane.
  6. In the microdialog, click .
    Design Explorer uses artificial intelligence to identify matching parts on either side of the selected plane. When finished, a dialog opens containing a list of all matching parts as mirror pairs.
  7. Optional: Select a mirror pair to highlight the matching parts in the modeling window.
  8. Clear the Select for Link check box of any mirror pairs you do not want to link.
  9. Click OK.