Constraints need to be satisfied for an optimization to be acceptable. Constraints may also be associated with a DOE. While not used in the evaluation of the DOE, constraints can be useful while visualizing DOE results. Limits on displacement or stress are common examples.

Note: Constraints are not available in Generative Design explorations. Instead, goals are defined directly in the Topology Optimizations.

Create Constraints

Use the Constraints tool to create optimization constraints from existing responses.

Constraints can only be applied to an Optimization exploration.

  1. From the Design Explorer ribbon, click the Constraints tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. On the guide bar, click .
    The Advanced Selection dialog opens.
  3. Select an existing response in the dialog and then click OK.
    The constraint is created.
  4. In the microdialog,
    1. Optional: Rename the constraint.
    2. Activate one or both Bound options and enter a range to limit the selected response.