Perform Parametric Trimming

Use the Split: Parametric tool to restore suppressed fixed points.

  1. From the Geometry ribbon, click the Split > Parametric tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. Optional: From the guide bar, select Lines to split a line into separate segments at a joint.
    Joints exist where lines have been previously combined, or where geometric features dictate. Joints are part of the line definition history, so depending on how the line was created, it may or may not have joints.
    1. Select the input line.
    2. Click any of the displayed joints to split the line at that location.
    The split will be made automatically.
  3. Press and hold Ctrl and left-click on a surface edge to display a preview.
    Figure 2.

  4. Accept the preview to restore the fixed points.
    Figure 3.

  5. Click Split on the guide bar.
    If a surface edge has fixed points that are suppressed, you can hold the Control key and select the surface edge. This will show a preview of the suppressed fixed points.
Tip: Use snap points to create fixed points at predefined points on your model such as end, middle, and center points.