Imprint Geometry

Use the Imprint tool to imprint geometry onto target surfaces or lines, thus creating new fixed points or edges.

Imprinting points on lines or surfaces creates geometry vertices similar to using the Split: Interactive tool. Imprinting surfaces onto surfaces imprints all of the source surfaces' edges onto the target surfaces.

The imprint direction is always normal to targets.

  1. From the Geometry ribbon, click the Imprint tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. Select imprint targets.
    1. On the guide bar, activate the Target selector. If the source geometry is points/nodes, select whether to imprint onto lines or surfaces using the drop-down menu.
      • Imprinting a node on a free line splits the line at the node location.
      • Imprinting a node on a feature edge adds a fix point at the node location.
    2. Make your selection in the modeling window.
  3. Select source geometry to imprint.
    1. On the guide bar, activate the Source selector and choose whether to imprint lines, nodes, points, or surfaces using the drop-down menu.
    2. Make your selection in the modeling window.
  4. Optional: On the guide bar, click to define imprint options.
  5. Click Imprint.
The selected geometry is split. Lines are projected along the normal direction of the selected surfaces.
  • Split multiple surfaces with multiple lines at once.
  • Use the Split: Interactive tool to untrim previously imprinted surfaces.
  • Use the Stitch tool to suppress imprinted edges.

CAD Options

Maximum imprint distance
Use maximum imprint distance between source and target geometry.
Maximum distance
Enter an imprint distance.
Line extension method
Select a line extension option.
Keep line endpoints
Keep line endpoints when extending lines.
Surface imprint method
Select which lines to imprint.
Do not imprint internal edges
Skip internal edges and common edges of selected surfaces.
Do not imprint near existing edges
Skip edges too close to pre-existing features.