Extend or shorten an entity of a sketch curve.

  1. Click the Extend icon.

  2. Click an entity to select it.
  3. Move the mouse to preview the extended or shortened entity, and then click to extend or shorten the entity.
    Tip: If in the previous step you selected an entity (A) that intersects with another entity (B), you can click B near the intersection point to extend or shorten A at that intersection point.
    Table 1. Example 1: Extend
    Figure 1. Select Entity "A" (Line)
    Figure 2. Click Entity "B" (Arc) Near the Intersection Point
    Figure 3. "A" Is Extended to the Intersection Point
    Table 2. Example 2: Shorten
    Figure 4. Select Entity "A" (Line)
    Figure 5. Click Entity "B" (Arc) Near the Intersection Point
    Figure 6. "A" Is Shortened at the Intersection Point
  4. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.
  • This tool does not currently work on Splines.