Defines and initializes globally-accessible data.


AcuSolve Command


USER_GLOBAL_DATA ("name") {parameters...}


User-given name.


value (real) [=0]
The value of the user global data.


This command defines and initializes a variable that is accessible and changeable from a number of places. For example,
USER_GLOBAL_DATA( "var_1" ) {
value = 10
defines a variable called "var_1" and initializes it to the value 10. This variable may then be accessed or changed by a user-defined function, and the changed value accessed by another user-defined function. It may be used by a multiplier function in two ways: either as the return value of the multiplier function itself, or as the value of the curve fit variable for one of the curve fit types. See the MULTIPLIER_FUNCTION command for details. The variable may also be changed on the command line during a run through the acuSig utility, for example,
acuSig -data "var_1 = 332"