Specifies communication parameters for coupling with AcuTrace.


AcuSolve Command


PARTICLE_TRACE {parameters}


This command has no qualifier.


socket_host or host (string) [=""]
User-given name of the host that runs AcuTrace.
socket_port or port integer >=1 [=20000]
Socket port for communication with external code. Used with socket communication.


This command provides support for solving coupled particle-flow problems by allowing AcuSolve and AcuTrace to run in a coupled manner. Flow quantities (such as velocity, pressure, temperature, and species) are communicated to AcuTrace and particle states and source terms are returned to AcuSolve. See also the EQUATION, TIME_SEQUENCE, and STAGGER commands as well as the AcuTrace Command Reference Manual. Communication between the two codes uses the socket protocol exclusively.

The host on which AcuTrace runs is determined automatically except in highly unusual circumstances. Leave socket_trace="" unless one of these situations arises.