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Altair AcuSolve 2024 Release Notes


  • Velocity Magnitude to OSI data
  • Heat Flux to standard nodal output

New Features

Velocity Magnitude to OSI data
Velocity magnitude is now available under the surface integrated output list of data. This resultant vector magnitude is available for plotting of 2D data.
Heat Flux to standard nodal output
Heat flux was previously available from the extended nodal output list, requiring you to request and load additional data that might not be needed for all simulations.
Note: This variable has been moved to the standard list of nodal field data and can be accessed without the need to load extra data.


  • Large model domain decomposition is now available on Linux using PT-Scotch libraries, currently accessible via a cnf parameter.
Documentation Additions
The Training Manual section of the AcuSolve documentation has been reorganized. While the Introduction and Theoretical Background sections remain largely unchanged, a new section, simply titled AcuSolve has been added. This new section includes a wealth of information from the general workflow of creating models for AcuSolve, to solver specific information about convergence criteria and the format of time statistics at the end of the Log file, to sections dedicated to specific physics areas supported by the solver. The various types of boundary conditions available in AcuSolve, along with their respective applications and usage scenarios have been documented in the AcuSolve Training Manual. Additionally, a new comprehensive explanation of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) inlet boundary condition has been incorporated into the Training Manual under the section of boundary conditions. This addition includes the general description of the ABL inlet condition and the wind velocity profile equations alongside turbulence equations. Finally, new sections covering radiation modeling with participating media and mass transfer with AcuSolve/EDEM bi-directional co-simulation have been added.
Documentation for the topology optimization parameter, min_filter_radius, has been added to the Command Reference Manual. This solver parameter was first introduced in v2023.1.
Documentation for the -to_probe option of acuRun has been added to the Program Reference Manual. This option was first introduced in v2023.1.
HyperMesh CFD-based Tutorial Updates
Two (2) tutorials for the HyperMesh CFD user interface have been updated. The updated tutorials are:
  • ACU-T: 3600: Melting of Diesel Exhaust Additive within an Enclosed Tank
    • Updates have been made to the tutorial geometry file
  • ACU-T: 6106: AcuSolve - EDEM Bidirectional Coupling with Mass Transfer
    • Improvements to the instructions have been made to clarify the tutorial process
SimLab-based Tutorial Updates
One (1) tutorial for the SimLab CFD user interface has been updated. The updated tutorial is:
  • ACU-T: 7200/SL 2500: Topology Optimization
    • Geometry includes one inlet and two outlets

Resolved Issues

  • The expected variable naming for field_flux and convective_field_flux variables with respect to the various forms of multiphase has been enhanced.