AcuSolve Command Reference Manual

AcuSolve command descriptions and corresponding examples.

AcuSolve is a general purpose, pressure based incompressible and compressible flow solver. Its technology is based on the Galerkin/Least-Squares (GLS) finite element method. It uses unstructured meshes of tetrahedron, pyramid, wedge and hexahedron elements, with nodal-based field variables. To solve a problem with AcuSolve, you must first generate an unstructured mesh. Any third-party mesh generator may be used for this purpose. Given a mesh, consisting of nodal coordinates, elements, and boundary surfaces and nodes, you can proceed to create an input file.

The input file consists of one or more commands, each having zero or more parameters. These commands define the problem parameters such as nodes, elements, boundary conditions, output, material models and solution strategies.