AcuSolve User-Defined Functions Manual

Customization of AcuSolve allowing you to customize certain capabilities of the solver.

AcuSolve is a general purpose, pressure based incompressible and compressible flow solver. Its technology is based on the Galerkin/Least-Squares (GLS) finite element method. It uses unstructured meshes of tetrahedron, pyramid, wedge and hexahedron elements, with nodal-based field variables. Two steps are needed to use user-defined functions; build a user-defined function and reference it in the input file.

Any number of user-defined functions may be used in a given problem. As further explained below, the user-defined functions are compiled and linked into one or more dynamic shared libraries. The script acuMakeLib on Unix/Linux machines and acuMakeDll on Windows machines may be used for this purpose. A list of these libraries is then given to AcuSolve via the configuration option user_libraries. The solver then sequentially searches through these libraries for the user-defined functions referenced in the input file.