Correction tools: Evaluate parameterized formulas


Parameterized geometry cannot be graphically manipulated in the sketcher. The parameters are integrated in the formulations of the geometry.

In particular cases of use, the user may wish to manipulate the geometry at will without having the constraints connected with a parameterized geometry. A new function has been added allowing the user to evaluate all the parameterized formulations .

Evaluate the parameterized formulas

The command Evaluate the parameterized formulas permits one to replace all the formulas depending on parameters by numerical values.

Then the user can manipulate the geometry at will.


This command is accessible on the menu Tools or by the contextual menu obtained by right click on a graphic selection of entities.

Global / local Application

To apply this command it is necessary to first select the entities.

The user can then apply this command on the assembly of the geometry, (selecting everything) or on one part of the geometry (selecting only the desired entities).