Boolean operations: about


The Boolean operations allow the creation of rapidly complex 3D objects starting from already existing objects. The proposed Boolean operations are:

  • Union
  • Subtraction
  • Intersection
  • Assembly

Active coordinate system

The coordinate system applied upon the creation of a boolean operation is the active coordinate system which the user can choose graphically (drop down list at the bottom left of the graphic view).


The Boolean operations are not modifiable. The user can only edit them to see the related objects.

If the user wishes to modify a Boolean operation, he is advised to delete it and to create it again with the desired modifications.

Cycle of life

At the end of the creation of a Boolean operation :

  • A geometric operation is created in the data tree.
  • The building tree of the master object is modified (through the addition in its list of geometric operations of the Boolean operation)

The life cycle is ensured in case of modification of a geometric operation created beforehand.