Fillet / Chamfer: about


The operations of fillet and chamfer let the user apply machine finishing to the objects. The proposed operations are :

  • Fillet on edge
  • Chamfer on edge
  • Chamfer on summit

Active coordinate system

The coordinate system taken into account at the creation of a fillet / chamfer is the active coordinate system which the user can choose graphically (drop down list at the bottom left of the graphic view).


At the creation of the fillet / chamfer a preview can be visualized in the graphic zone. This permits to the user to see the fillet / chamfer that he is about to create.

Example of previews for fillet and chamfer
Preview of fillet on edge Preview of chamfer on edge

Preview limitations

The preview of a fillet / chamfer has certain limits :

  • No preview in modification
  • No preview for the chamfer on summit (in creation and in modification)

Cycle of life

At the end of a creation of the fillet /chamfer :

  • A geometric operation is created and stored in the data tree.
  • The building tree of the objects on which the fillet / chamfer has been applied is modified (addition in its list of geometric operations of the fillet / chamfer operation)

The life cycle is preserved in case of modification of a geometric operation created beforehand.

Example of building tree of an object obtained by the union of two primitives over which the fillet is applied

List of geometric operations of the object

(Edit the object)