Coil for rotating machine applications

Shape and dimension

The complex coils proposed to the user for rotating machine applications are the following ones:

  • saddle coil
  • multi-saddle coil
Saddle coil Multi-saddle coil

Dimensions of a saddle coil are presented on an example in the following block.


An example of a saddle coil is presented above.

A saddle coil is defined by following parameters:

  • Opening angle of the straight part: φ = 25°

  • Opening angle of the cylindrical part: ψ = 20°

  • Length of the straight part of the saddle: L = 30

  • Semi internal height of the saddle: H = 30

  • Radius of the cylinder of the saddle: R = 50

  • Total angle of the saddle: α = 80°

Current direction

A coil is defined in a proper coordinate system. The direction of the current is dependent on the orientation of this coordinate system and the arrow on the image of the coil defines the direction of the positive current in the coil.

In the saddle / multi-saddle coil the direction of the current is anti-clockwise oriented around an axis parallel to the OX-axis.