Formulation: automatic mode / user mode


Two operating modes are provided to manage the formulations in the various regions of the domain (see table below).

Mode Assignment of formulations in regions Available formulations Advantage

automatic (by Flux) *

formulations of the scalar model

easy to use
user by the user

formulations of the scalar model & of the vector model

carrying out of particular cases (for advanced users)

Automatic mode

In automatic mode, a list of predefined criteria enables an automatic assignment of an adequate formulation to each region of the problem. This assignment is carried out right before solving of the Flux project.

User mode

In user mode:

  • selection of the model is carried out in the dialog box of the application definition:
    • formulations of the scalar model
    • formulations of the vector model
    • general formulations: set of formulations

      (scalar model and vector model)

  • selection of the formulation is carried out during the definition of regions (selection of a type, formulation, material...)

Change of model

The change of a model of formulation for another involves modifications for the regions.

It is then recommended to check the definition of all regions before continuing the description of the problem.