Convert current application


While designing or analyzing an electromagnetic device in Flux, users may need to switch between the available applications or between modules.

Conversions between applications are useful to refine the analysis and account for a broader range of time-dependent electromagnetic phenomena in Flux projects. Conversely, they may also be employed to simplify the analysis and focus only on the essential physical phenomena taking place in the considered device.

In the context of rotating electric machines, it may also be useful to start a project in Flux 2D for a preliminary analysis and later continue in Flux Skew. This kind of conversion is slightly different, since it necessarily involves the creation of a new project and moving to a different Flux module (i.e. from Flux 2D to Flux Skew).

The conversions provided in Flux

For both cases mentioned above, Flux provides tools that help the user perform those conversion tasks automatically, avoiding mistakes and saving time.

Each type of conversion is detailed in the following pages:

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