Assignment of regions: about

Assignment of regions

The process of regrouping the geometric entities is called assignment of regions.

Regions are assigned to geometric entities, and the geometric entities belong to regions, as summarized in the table below.

Region types … entities …
point are assigned to

belong to
line lines
face faces
volume volumes

2D / 3D studies specificity

In a 2D study:

  • all the faces belong to face regions
  • only some lines (and/or points) belong to line regions (and/or point region)

In a 3D study:

  • all the volumes belong to volume regions
  • only some faces (and/or lines) belong to surface regions (and/or line regions)

Operation modes

Before describing the operation modes, it is interesting to note that the user will not proceed obligatory in the same way for the:

  • obligatory assignments:
    • all faces in 2D,
    • all volumes in 3D
  • optional assignments:
    • some lines or points in 2D
    • some faces or lines in 3D

That is why two operation modes are proposed: the completion mode and the modification mode, described in the table below.

2D study

The mode… is used to assign… to...
completion groups of faces surface regions

some faces

some lines

some points

surface regions

line regions

point regions

3D study

The mode… is used to assign… to...
completion groups of volumes volume regions

some volumes

some faces

some lines

volume regions

surface regions

line regions

Completion mode: specificity

In completion mode the entities are made invisible in the graphic area during the assignment, which allows a fast and effective assignment of the groups of faces (in 2D), and groups of volumes (in 3D).