Run a screening test described in a text file.

Note: For more details about this macro, consult this additional document
  • This macro takes values of set of parameters in a text file.
  • For each set of parameter values, the solving is done, sensors and curves are computed.
  • All values (parameters, sensors and curves) are stored in text and Excel file.


  • Name of text file with the inputs
  • Select one scenario
  • Select one curve (to be computed and saved for each step of the screening) the curve can be a varying curve versus a parameter or versus a path
Note: For the scenario, it is wise to define parameters which are not modified by the macro.


  • Text file with inputs and sensors and their values, plus the selected curves
  • Excel file with name of parameters, name of sensors and their values plus the values of selected curves

Example for the file format:

name_param_1 name_param_2 name_param_3

val_1_param_1 val_1_param_2 val_1_param_3

val_2_param_1 val_2_param_2 val_2_param_3

val_3_param_1 val_3_param_2 val_3_param_3

val_4_param_1 val_4_param_2 val_4_param_3