Create a mechanical set which defines an eccentered rotor for your electrical motor. You can define any type of eccentricity (static, dynamic or mixed) depending of the inputs of the macro.
Note: For more details about this macro, consult this additional document


  • New eccentered mechanical set name
  • Select coordinate system of the mechanical set
  • Rotor rotating speed (in rpm)
  • Airgap length (in m)
  • εsta : Static eccentricity (in airap percentage)
  • θsta : Angular position of the static eccentricity (in deg)
  • εdyn :Dynamic eccentricity (in airgap percentage)
  • dyn : Dynamic eccentricity rotating speed


  • Rotor coordinate system
  • Eccentered rotor mechanical set
  • Mechanical set parameters that define the eccentricity