Processing Options

Set up the processingOptions table to be used with the command-line interface. The processingOptions table defines which data is exported as well as setting non-default values.

A processingOptions table is used with the following attributes to set the processing options for the multiport script.
Set this option to move the reference plane to where the port parameters were calculated before the source loading definition (if the sources are loaded). This variable maps to the Subtract source loading option on the GUI.
Set the system reference impedance for the measurement method.
Set this option to store the data sets in the .pfs session.
Set this option to include the source reference impedance in the multiport calculations.
Set this option to merge the new multiport calculation with existing stored data.
Set this option to calculate the scaled far fields and near fields, and currents if available.
Set this option to export the far fields and near fields and save a POSTFEKO session with the port parameters.
Add a result prefix for the stored data items.
Set this option to export the scaling coefficients to a .xml and .mat files.
Set this option when using the Feko model method to validate the model setup.
  • The processingOptions table is only required if the Lua settings file is used with the command-line interface.
  • Select the Save settings to file (*.lua) check box on the Processing options dialog to save the processingOptions table.
local processingOptions={
  ["deembedToAntenna"] = "false",
  ["referenceImpedance"] = "50",
  ["storeDataSets"] = "true",
  ["includeSourceReferenceImpedance"] = "false",
  ["mergeWithExistingStoredData"] = "false",
  ["calculateScaledRequests"] = "false",
  ["exportDataSets"] = "false",
  ["prefix"] = "SNP",
  ["exportScallingCoefficients"] = "false",  
  ["validateModel"] = "false"