The Multiport post-processing application macro calculates the port reflections and field values for changes in port loading, without rerunning the Solver. Through scripting in POSTFEKO, loads can be modified as a post-processing step.

Requirements for performing the post-processing for a given model, are the availability of the scattering matrix for the model and the field requests for each configuration in the scattering parameter solution. The application macro uses the extracted S-parameters and the field values for all configurations to calculate (and export) near field data, far field data (including gain), and the new S-parameter matrix (taking the loading into account) without requiring further Feko simulations.

The following application macros are provided:
Generate multiport configurations
A CADFEKO application macro that creates the model for post-processing with the Multiport post-processing macro.
Multiport post-processing
A POSTFEKO application macro that performs multiport post-processing.