Batch Mode Start Options

Choose from the following options to run Compose in batch mode.

Option Argument Description Platform Support
-f <filename>.<extension> Runs a script specified by the file.

Requires absolute file paths as the argument (separated by ',').

All supported platforms
-help None List the options when invoking Compose in batch mode. All supported platforms
-input <space separated inputs> Passes input(s) to scripts. These options can be accessed in Compose by the OML commands getcmdinput and getnumofcmdinputs. To pass cell arrays or matrices on Linux, the open/close braces and semi-colons need to be quoted.

Linux example:

-input ‘{‘ 1,2,3 ‘} ‘[‘ 4 ‘;’ 5 ‘]’ stringA

Windows example:

-input {1,2,3} [4;5] stringA

All supported platforms

Runs the OML command specified after the –e option.

If multiple commands exist, they are separated by a comma and executed in the order provided on the command line.

-e disp('a')

-e "a=3 , rand(3)"

All supported platforms
-withgui   Enables plotting and GUI commands All supported platforms