Send Data to the Platform from Your Device

Altair IoT Studio provides a tool, the API Inspector, to get familiar with and interact with the API structure. Requests can be made through the API Inspector without having to worry about authentication details, as this information is automatically populated.

The API Inspector can be found under Utility Belt in the left side menu:
Figure 1.

API documentation can be found here.

  1. To update the Property's value, perform the following request:
    1. PUT
      Note: The Thing UID can be found in the Details section of your Thing:
      Figure 2.

    2. Body
      Note: As W3C standards are followed, the body of the request should be in JSON formatting.
  2. Click Send.
    The Property's values get updated.
    Figure 3.

  3. To check the Property's history, click next to the Properties section.
  4. To check the history of a specific Property, click next to the Property. Note that a time range can be selected to filter the Property's history.
    Figure 4.

Send Data through MQTT or HTTP

You'll use an external tool for this step.

The Thing's Credentials can be found on the Interfaces tab. If your Thing does not yet have Credentials, click Create Credentials.
Note: HTTP follows OAuth protocol. Once the credentials have been created, the Client ID will always remain the same. The Client Secret can be reset by clicking the "Reset Client Secret" button.
Note: If you use MQTT, note that the username and the password can be changed at any time. Choose to autogenerate the Credentials or enter your own values. For this second option, don't forget to click Save using the top right button.