Create a Blank Thing

  1. To add a Thing, in the top right corner of the web editor, click + New Thing .

    A new window opens, labeled New Thing.
    Figure 1.

  2. To create a new Thing, select one of the following alternatives:
Method: Start from scratch
  1. Enter the information in the fields shown and click Create. Title is required and description is optional.
    The Thing is created. To add or edit more information about the Thing, click the Thing in the list and enter the information on the Overview panel.
    Figure 2.
Method: Add the Thing to a Category previously defined.
  1. Title is required; a description is optional. From the dropdown, choose the Category or Categories you want to assign this Thing to and click Create.
    Figure 3.
Method: Apply a Model previously defined to a new Thing
  1. Click Apply model and select a Model from the drop down menu. By default the latest Version of the Model will be assigned.
    Figure 4.

    If the Model already has a Title it automatically displays in the Title field. If not, you need to add it.
  2. Click Create.
Method: Add the schema directly in JSON format.
  1. Click Skip to schema and choose to Upload the Schema or to enter it on the blank section:
    Figure 5.

  2. Click Save.